Book design, environment, new languages, business

if on one hand the graphic design project has now dissolved into a variety of practices and languages, on the other it's equally true that the projects themselves cannot avoid beginning from the physical objects in relation to which it becomes both an act and an action .
Our aim is to maintain alive and reactive both such directions. Thus on one hand theoretical reflection and critical and social consciousness and on the other hand the practicality of a job based on concrete action. These are the four fields/themes Design per is articulated in:

Design per... books
Design per... environment
Design per... business
Design per... new languages

each of these fields/themes will be developed through workshops, round tables, seminars, conferences, conversations, exhibitions, projections...


Henrik Kubel (A2/SW/HK)


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

20 October 2018


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