Design Per. The environment

Workshop with Guillaume Bullat (Voiture 14) and Maxime Lemoyne
curated by Beppe Chia and Francesco E. Guida

from tuesday the 6th to friday the 9th of October 2009
Pan Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli

Programme. The environmental graphic design project is, especially in the Neapoletan territory, often envisioned as something separate from the other graphic design disciplines.
The workshop will face the recovery of a Neapoletan urban episode, with the goal of creating a meeting ground for urbanistics, architecture and cultural areas, within which communication projects' instruments become both the necessary condition and the reason for the project itself.  

- the spoken language of the workshop is Italian,
- a tutor will be present and available for all inscribed participants

- the maximum number of participants for each workshop is 25 people

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tuesday the 6th, 17.00 workshop welcoming, Pan
wednesday, 09.00 / 13.00 //// 14.00 / 17.30 workshop
thursday, 09.00 / 13.00 //// 14.00 / 17.30 workshop
friday, 09.00 / 13.00 //// 14.00 / 17.30 workshop

Round table
wednesday 18.00 / 20.00 Pan
Design Per.
Rehabilitation: Carbonia and the Cilento park

Guillaume Bullat (Voiture 14) and
Maxime Lemoynedesigner, 
Stefano Asili, designer,
Tore Cherchi, Carbonia Mayor, 

Giorgio Peghin, architect,
Carmine Gambardella, Benecon
Patrizia Ranzo, President of Industrial Design degree courses, Sun

Coordinated by: Beppe Chia
Access to round tables is free of charge


Guillaume Bullat

Bullat is a Graphic designer who lives and works in Paris. In 2002 he founded the Voiture 14 collective alongside Anne Bullat-Piscaglia, Maxime Lemoyne and Antje Welde. In 2002, for the Expo.02 in Switzerland, he realized the visual identity for the “Garden of Eden” pavillion, a project which began his collaborations with architects and interior designers. In other projects he collaborated with the  Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle and the Paris municipality, as well as private subjects such asS teelcase CO. In 2009 he realized the visual identity and signage system project for the Musée d’Archéologie du Mans.

Maxime Lemoyne

Lemoyne has been a Graphic designer since 2000. In 2004 he joined the Voiture 14 collective. Since 2008 he owns a personal studio he shares with Pierre Vincent. He has mainly developed projects for public institutions, non-governative associations and for miltant or cultural communications.
Amongst his most important clients are: Théâtre de la Bastille, La Cimade, Collège d’Espagne and various theatre companies. At the same time he teaches, organizes graphic design exhibitions and proceeds with his personal photographic research project regarding the body and portraits.


Guillaume Bullat (Voiture 14)


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

21 October 2018


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