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Fields and practices of the visual communication project.

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Naples 6th - 11th October 2009


Aiap (Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva) presents Design Per. a unique event for the Italian scene, and also a rare one in the European context. Kicking off from the idea that graphic design can be found everywhere, from signage systems to advertisements, including book design, television and internet, Design Per's purpose is to offer a multiplicity of motivations, debates and reflections by observing the visual communication project from various points of view.

Design Per will take place over the course of 6 days, from the 6th to the 11th of October 2009. It includes workshops for students and professional figures, exhibitions, round tables, conversations, conferences, seminars, open studies and typographic expeditions.
Design Per will host over 50 figures amongst whom important scholars, authors and professionals who will guide us through their contributions regarding the various fields and sectors graphic design is today articulated.

Where Design
Napoli accepted this challenge and our Neapoletan colleagues gave proof of their sensitivity and interest.  The Pan, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, will indeed be the heart of the event; it will also be connected to the Museo Madre, the city's contemporary art museum, and to the  Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli's Rectorate, the event's institutional headquarters. Many other spaces will also be involved: our colleagues' studios, the Superior Design Institute, the Hernann Nitsch Museum, in an attempt to invade the city so as to render the visual communication project even more evident to the eyes of the citizens. 

Why Design
Despite visual communication's constant presence in every activity of our lives, graphic design has yet to be recognized as a value, a socially integrated system. It's vocation for gentle service for a whole variety of contents makes it intangible, transparent, yet not less important. The need for communication and the instruments at the service of communicative projects are now available for all to use, they interlace with hybrid, undefined territories where disciplines meet. So how is the graphic designer's role changing? Which are his/her competences, his/her specific talents? What form of education should a designer follow, and who are his/her committents?
These are the reflections behind Aiap's decision to dedicate an entire week to visual communication design, so as to try and answer the growing request for visual culture and for meeting occasions for professional figures, companies, students, public administrations, editors, teachers and scholars. 

Design Per is ideated, directed and organized by Aiap
Associazione Italiana Progettazione
per la Comunicazione Visiva

in collaboration with
Comune di Napoli
Pan, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli
Rettorato della Seconda Università
degli Studi di Napoli
Museo Madre

Museo Nitsch

sponsored by
Regione Campania
Facoltà di Architettura, Sun
Dipartimento Ideas, Sun
Dottorato di Ricerca in Disegno Industriale, Ambientale e Urbano, Sun
Dottorato di Ricerca Internazionale in Design e Innovazione, Sun

main sponsor
ILAS Istituto Superiore di Comunicazione


technical sponsors
Grafiche Nappa


Lucia Roscini per Design Per.


via Ponchielli, 3
20129 Milano

19 December 2018


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